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Offshore Clamp and Protector
Technologies Inc.
M-100 Ultra-High Strength Umbilical Clamping System
M-100 is the workhorse of offshore clamps for the oil
industry. This cathodically protected clamp is undoubtedly
industry. The M-100 has so much holding power that it will
prevent umbilical slack even when experiencing eddy (loop)
currents. In pull tests with a 3/4" wire line clamped to a 3"
pipe, the wire line slipped at over 4000 pounds. There are no
other clamps on the market that even come close to this
holding power. This clamp is especially suited for use in open
water for offshore workovers and completion.

The M-100 is designed to accomodate a wide range of
clamping solutions:
  • Umbilical to Wire Lines
  • Umbilical to Choke/Kill Lines
  • Umbilical to Riser Systems
  • Umbilical to Drill Pipe
  • Any two members to Each Other
  • Fiberglass Pipe to Production Riser
  • Accommodates All Size Variances of Umbilicals
Designed for Workover/Completion
and Drilling Operations      

  • Accommodates All Size Variances of
  • No umbilical distortion when using this clamp,
    which is extremely important when using fiber-
    optic umbilicals.
  • Clamp strap is lined with "Friction-Multiplier"
    material which creates tremendously greater
    holding power.
  • Simple, lightweight  design for quick and easy
  • All parts are fully captured.
  • Clamp has full cathodic protection for a long
    life. The anode is easily replaced when
Built To Last

  • All metal components are 316 Stainless Steel except for the bolts which are A-286 SS, And the anode which is
  • "Friction-Multiplier" material is multi-line stitched to UV protected 24,000 pound break-strength polyester
  • Complete cathodic protection.